Cookie Swirl C is a popular YouTuber and toy reviewer; she has created multiple LPS videos as well as other videos featuring toys such as My Little Pony : FIM figures and Shopkins.

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History Edit

Years ago, Candy got on YouTube and found other people who loved toy horses; she had a big imagination when playing with toys and just wanted to share it and her love of horses too. So, out of randomness, she posted a story that she had only had played by herself in her room when she was younger. Soon she noticed other fans talking about her videos. So she began posting more and more videos. Candy decided to share her love for other types of toys such as, Monster High, Barbie, LPS, MLP, etc, so she started her second channel, CookieSwirlC, in November 2013.

Cookie Quotes Edit

Cookie Swirl C! *chomp, giggling* (at the beginning of each video)

Cookie Swirl C! *thunder crash, werewolf imitation* (at the beginning of Halloween-related videos)

"My Little Pony!" , * giggling* ( at the beginning of some MLP videos)"

*singing* Let it go, let it go! *giggling* Frozen.(at the beginning of some Frozen videos)

Hi/Hello Cookie fans!

Hello / Hi Chocolatey chippy cookies!

*sometimes singing* Chocolatey chippy cookies!

Absolutely adorable!

Previously on (a series she works on: Mommies, MLP Airport)

In the comment section, can you please put in (blank), BYE COOKIE FANS! (at the end of each video)

Trivia Edit

  • Her biography remains unknown, but she's feminine and possibly an adult.
  • She has not only a passion for storytelling, but writing.
  • It's confirmed in a Q&A video that she has four pets; three dogs and one cat.
  • Has a younger unknown sister.
  • She attends to get a lot of fan mail from her fans; she plans on doing a MEGA big fan mail opening video; yet after hours of opening letters, drawings and toys - she ends up only getting through one bin of fan mail.
  • Has three YouTube accounts: HoneyheartsC (originally entitled Honeyhearts27), Sugar8Cupcake and this channel (CookieSwirlC).
  • Candy officially revealed her face on her second Q&A video; she felt that her face wasn't right on camera so she decided to record the action going on with her behind the camera, she also stated that she isn't a blog person shortly before a picture of her face appeared for a second on the screen.